BGS Annual Dinner

This year’s annual Supra for BGS members will take place on 27th September at 7.30pm. There will be a theme this year – Past and Present Georgians in the UK – presented by David Gigauri. The event will take place at Tamada, Tamara Lordkipanidze’s popular Georgian restaurant in St John’s Wood, with support from Gaumarjos and Geo Wines. The cost of the evening will be £30 per person including a special menu with additional seasonal dishes and wine.

David Gigauri, a director of the BGS, has done extensive research on Georgians who have come to the UK. During the course of the meal he will talk about Georgians in the UK during the 20th century, when Georgia was closed off to the rest of the world and very little information existed about Georgians abroad. Unlike France and the US, the UK did not receive many Georgians fleeing the Soviets, but nevertheless some of their stories are fascinating and will be illustrated. Thanks to Gaumarjos and Geo Wines for donating the wines and Tamara Lordkipanidze for hosting the event. You can book here to reserve your place for what should be a very enjoyable evening.

Tamada Restaurant, 7.30pm Tuesday 27th September

122 Boundary Road
London NW8 0RH
020 7372 2882

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