BGS Chairman’s Bursary 2020

The British Georgian Society is delighted to offer an Annual Chairman’s Bursary of £500 for Georgia-related research. The research may cover any subject from the following disciplines: history, art history, archaeology, film, music, and business. The project should be completed by the end of 2020, and the report will be posted on the BGS website. Any BGS member aged 18-45 may apply.

The application should include:

  1. Full name of the applicant and date of birth
  2. Contact details: postal address, telephone number, email address.
  3. Title of the Proposed Project
  4. Potential co-sponsor if applicable
  5. Context (not more than 300 words)
  6. Rationale for the Proposed Project
  7. Project Goals and Objectives
  8. Project Strategy/ Listing of Project Activities
  9. Budget (total expenses for the research project)
  10. Expected Results (how would this research benefit Georgia)

Applications should be accompanied by a CV and a covering letter, demonstrating your personal achievements and how the BGS Chairman’s Bursary (if received) will benefit your career development.

Applications must be sent to

Two references must be sent by the referees directly to the BGS and not attached to the application.

Deadline for the application 31/08/2020

The result will be announced on 15/09/2020