Georgian Studies Day 2nd November 2011

GEORGIA REALLY MATTERS celebrating 25 years of the Annual Georgian Studies Day. November 2nd at the University of Westminster, Regent Street campus. Speakers include the Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia. E-mail Peter Lydyard by 28th October if you wish to attend.

Celebrating 25 years of the Annual Georgian Studies Day

Organised by the Embassy of Georgia, University of Westminster and the  
co-founder and convenor of the Annual GSD – Dr. Tamara Dragadze
To be held at the University of Westminster,
309, Regent Street, London W1B 2UW
Wednesday 2nd November 2011

9.30 – Registration

10.00 Professor Jane Lewis: Dean, School of Life Sciences, University of Westminster
10.10 Dr. Tamara Dragadze, co-convenor: Opening remarks
10.35 Keynote Speaker: H.E. Ambassador Giorgi Badridze: Overview to include annual report on his activities,  
11.00 Keynote Speaker: Mr. Tornike Gordadze –Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia

11.30  Coffee Break

11.50 The Right Hon. Bruce George: My latest visit and insights on Georgia
12.20 FCO speaker ?
12.40 Professors Peter Lydyard and Nino Porakishvili: Developments in Science and Medicine projects in Georgia.

1-2 Lunch

2.00 Professor David Park: Conservation of wall paintings in Georgia
2.30: Georgian Dance (speaker TBC)
2.50 Mr. Michael Bloom: Georgian Singing- why it is so popular in the UK?
3.10  Mr. Peter Naysmith: Tourism and slide show

3.30 Tea

3.50 St. Gregory’s and Mkurnali charity work with street children (George Guest)
4.00  Bristol Tbilisi Twinning:
4.10  Newport Kutaisi Twinning: Sonia Fischer 
4.20  Jason Osborn:  British-Georgian Society
4.40  Oxford-Georgian Society: Nino Sharashidze
4.50  Keti Kalandadze  Georgians in UK’s charitable activities
5.00 Any other business including next year’s tentative GSD date

5.15 RECEPTION(with Georgian Wine)

Your name must be given in advance, for University security policy, to: by 28th October 2011 at the latest.

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