Lost Paradise (Dakarguli samotkhe) – Davit Rondeli Georgia 1938 85m U

Lost ParadiseSaturday 28th September at 6.15pm Riverside Studios Box office 020 8237 1111 Book online

With Dudukhana Tserodze, Bato Kraveishvili and Arkadi Khintibidze

A hilarious satire loosely adapted from Davit Kldiashvili’s classic stories about the parasitic lifestyle of the impoverished nobility. Paradise Lost is still considered the best Georgian comedy of the 1930s. The festival has specially commissioned English subtitles by Georgia’s leading writer Aka Morchiladze.

Introduced by Aka MorchiladzeDavit Rondeli

Davit Rondeli (1904, Kutaisi – 1976, Tbilisi) was a Georgian film director and screenwriter best known for Mamluqi (1958) and Lost Paradise (1938). He began his career as a writer and film critic associated with various proletarian cultural organizations. He worked in various genres, including adventure, historical tales, comedy, documentaries. He was named Peoples’s Artist of the Georgian SSR in 1961. Lost Paradise is still one of Georgia’s most popular classics and is Rondeli’s lasting contribution to Georgian cinema.

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