Maia Mania historical Tbilisi prints for sale

The British Georgian Society is able to offer for sale a number of prints of beautiful and historic 19th century Tbilisi buildings by the architectural historian, Maia Mania. These are buildings that she sketched, mostly in the 1990s, that are either threatened or that have already been demolished.

These works are a rare record of old Tbilisi by the leading light of the Tbilisi heritage & conservation movement. Professor Mania’s distinction as an academic is sustained by her years of passionate commitment, and driven by the educated eye and talent of a true artist. She is using money from the sale of the prints to fund her work on trying to save historic buildings, a campaign she has been fighting for decades. 

The large prints – 49×36 cm (Vertskhli St, Dumas St and Sharteli St) are £80 each, the medium sized ones –  42x34cm (Old Tbilisi) are £60, two of the small ones -35x27cm (Dumas St and Sharteli St) are £40 and Aveli St is £30.

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