Nina Anjapharidze – Director Tbilisi International Film festival

Nina Anjapharidze will chair the discussion on Women In Georgian Cinema on Sunday 29th September at 2.30pm at Riverside Studios. Nina has worked closely with the British Georgian Society since the 2nd London BGS Georgian Film Festival 2010.

Nina Anjapharidze (1959, Tbilisi) graduated from the Georgian University of Theatre and Cinema in 1983 and did a master’s degree in art management at the Caucasus Spring University. Since 2005 she has been head of film exports at the Georgian National Film Centre and director of the Tbilisi International Film festival since 2002. She has lectured in the history of European theatre at the Georgian University of Theatre and Film, and organized various projects including the Georgian Cultural Week in Great Britain 2001 and the Irish Theatre Directing Workshop 2001. 

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