Several language books listed together

Aronson, Howard Georgian – A Reading Grammar (Slavica, USA 1989), available online (for reference only) ISBN 0-89357-207-1

Aronson, Howard and Kiziria, Dodona Georgian Language and Culture – A continuing course (Slavic, USA 1999) ISBN 00-89357-278-0

Awde, Nicholas Georgian-English/English-Georgian Dictionary and Phrasebook (Hippocrene Books, 1997) ISBN 978-0781805421

Gamkrelidze, Thomas V. Alphabetic Writing and The Old Georgian Script (Tbilisi State University, 1989) ISBN 9780882060828

Gvarjaladze, Isidore & Gvarjaladze, Tamar English-Georgian and Georgian-English Dictionary (Tbilisi, 2003) ISBN 9789992828663

Hewitt, George 
Georgian: A Learner’s Grammar (Routledge, 1995) (2nd, revised ed., 2005), available online (for reference only). ISBN 9780415333702

Kiziria, Dodona Beginner’s Georgian with Two Audio CDs (Hippocrene Books, 2009) ISBN 978-0781812306

Kraveishvili, Medea and Nakhutsrishvili, Grigol Teach Yourself Georgian (Georgian Society for Cultural Relations with Compatriots Abroad, 1972) ISBN 9992805379

Kurtsikidze, Shorena Essentials of Georgian Grammar With Conjugation Tables of 250 Most Commonly Used Verbs and Answer Key to Exercises (LINCOM, 2015) ISBN 978-3895869976

Rayfield, Donald (ed.) A Comprehensive Georgian-English Dictionary (Garnett Press, 2006) ISBN 978-0953587834

Shavtvaladze, Nana ბილიკი [Biliki] Georgian Language for English Speakers (Tbilisi, 2008) ISBN 9994087983





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