Several other books listed together

McIlwraith, Nicholas The Georgian Girl – Memoirs of Marie Zouraboff (Trafford Publishing 2008) ISBN 978-1-4251-2935-4

Rayfield, Donald The Literature of Georgia: A History (Routledge, 2014) ISBN 978-0415759977

Sella, Vittoria 
Frozen in Time – The Mountain Photography of Vittorio Sella (Gangemi Editore 2008) ISBN 978-88-492-1479-6

Steavenson, Wendell Stories I Stole (Atlantic Books, London 2002) ISBN 1-84354-000-2

Tatarashvili, Nestan Art Nouveau in Tbilisi (Premier Videopress, Tbilisi 2008) 

Tchkotoua, Nicholas Timeless – A love story from the Caucasus Mountains (Mta Publications, London) ISBN 978-0-9559145-1-5

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