Taming The Garden მოთვინიერება Salome Jashi 2021

Taming The Garden 1
Taming the Garden 
Salome Jashi | 2021 | Switzerland, Germany, Georgia | 90’ | digital 

The opening shot of Salome Jashi’s striking environmental tale captures a tree as tall as a 15-story building floating on a barge across the vast Black Sea. With astonishing cinematic style, this observational film charts one powerful man’s bizarre project to uproot and transplant hundreds of mature trees from the forests of rural Georgia to his own private garden. The film documents this brutal process of extraction as one-by-one the towering trees are pulled from the earth and transported to the palatial home of their new owner – a former Georgian Prime minister – as locals look on in horror and bemusement. Jashi captures the strange and terrible spectacle with a patient, forensic eye to construct a modern-day fable of wealth, power and privilege. 

BGS is delighted to partner Open City Documentary Festival in presenting Taming The Garden at the 2021 festival on Friday September 10th 18.30pm at the Curzon Soho.

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