The Guardian (Bolo Gaseirneba) – Zaza Urushadze Georgia 2012 88m 15

The GuardianSaturday 28th September at 1.30pm Riverside Studios Box office 020 8237 1111 Book online

With Mikheil Meskhi, Kakha Abuashvili, Tazo Tskhakaia, Nutsa Kukhianidze, Tina Dalakishvili (UK premiere)

Gogliko has spent 16 years in jail. After he is released he finds that his country has completely changed. His parents and most of his friends have died during the Civil War. Gogliko can’t find his place in this new world. The only meaning in his life is to take of his godson – his dead best friend’s teenage son.Zaza Urushadze

Zaza Urushadze (1965, Tbilisi) graduated from the Georgian State University of Theatre and Film in 1988. He was chairman of The Expert Commission of the Georgian National Film Centre in 2001 and director of the Georgian National Film Centre (2002-2004). His films include the acclaimed first feature Here Comes the Dawn (1998), Three Houses (2008) which was shown at the 2010 BGS georgian Film Festival, Stay with me (2011) and The Guardian (2012) for which the jury at the Kinoshock 2012 (Open CIS and Baltic Film Festival) awarded Urushadze the best director prize for a full-length feature.

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