Will There Be A Theatre Up There?! (Netavi ak teatri aris?!) – Nana Janelidze Georgia 2011 55m

Kakhi KavsadzeMonday 30th September at 6.30pm Riverside Studios Box office 020 8237 1111 Book online

With Kakhi Kavsadze (UK premiere) 

This award-winning documentary chronicles the ordeals of the Kavsadzes, a big family of great folk singers, including one of the most popular Georgian actors, Kakhi Kavsadze. Their lives reflect those of millions who lived in the former USSR – lives that will soon disappear from memory.

Presented by Kakhi KavsadzeNana Janelidze

Nana Janelidze (1955, Tbilisi) graduated from the Georgian State Theatre and Cinema Institute as a cinema director in 1981. Worked as a script writer and music composer. Her films include One Drop of Georgia (2002), Dreams of the Dry Bridge (2003), Christmas Gift(2005), The Knights of Georgian Chant (2010). She has been awarded the State Prize of Georgia and Jakob Gogebashvili pedagogical prize for her film Lullaby.

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